RAHEL GUIRAGOSSIAN was born in Beirut, Lebanon (1991). She moved to Germany with her family in 2006. In 2012, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at “Istituto Marangoni” in London. During her studies she gathered some work experience and after graduation, she worked as a fashion designer at “Zuhair Murad” in Beirut. She continued her education in Sustainability in Fashion at “Esmod Berlin” where she obtained her master’s degree in 2014. For her master’s project; she wanted to find a solution for sustainable luxury. She focused on the luxury textile sequins, which is completely made out of polyester. The aim was to develop the first biodegradable sequins textile by eliminating all hazardous chemicals. She partnered up with “Jakob Schlaepfer”, a luxury textile manufacturer in Switzerland as a research partner with a textile sponsorship for her master’s collection and “BASF” a pharmaceutical company in Germany. She created a concept that combines art, fashion and sustainability. For this project she was awarded the “GUCCI” prize in Berlin with a mentorship at the headquarters in Florence.

Rahel participated at Berlin Fashion week for a couple of years and has shown her collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
In 2015 she participated with “Not Just a Label” in Fiera di Vicenza, exhibiting her collection and was invited to give a lecture about her work. In 2016, her collection was presented at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival in the Philippines. From 2016 – 2017 she moved to Basel, Switzerland to join the design team at “Tally Weijl”, a fast fashion company. In 2017, She was invited to be part of the Volkswagen Fashion Show in Berlin.

In 2018, she officially founded her brand “RAHEL GUIRAGOSSIAN”.
In March 2019, Rahel was invited to be part of the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia” where she presented her first solo fashion show with her latest collection in Moscow.

Rahel combines art, fashion and sustainability. She works with her artistic and cultural heritage. She grew up in a family of painters and her grandfather is a well known Middle Eastern painter. She uses the paintings of her grandfather, father and brother in her designs. A very important aspect of the brand is the slow fashion approach where quality replaces quantity. A painting is timeless and can never go out of style, which creates longevity and eliminates the constant change in fast fashion trends. She incorporates the zero waste method in her designs where the fabric is not even cut but is instead draped around the body like a sculpture. This method also keeps the entire painting intact without creating any waste.The fabrics come from the highest quality producers in Italy and Switzerland and manufactured in Lebanon.



Rahel Guiragossian is a Ready to Wear brand based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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